NC says no to Polygamy Port because 'polygamy is illegal'

Polygamy Port / Source: WECT

RALEIGH, N.C. (WECT) -- North Carolina beer drinkers will have to travel if they want to get a taste of Polygamy Porter.

The North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission on Wednesday upheld its rejection of the Polygamy Porter beer label, meaning the beer is not allowed on store shelves in the state.

Wasatch Brewery, of Utah, made headlines when its beer got a rejection letter from North Carolina for its Polygamy Porter.

The letter the ABC sent to the brewery said the reason it was shot down was because “Polygamy is illegal.”

Wasatch Brewery appealed the decision but the board did not budge when it met Wednesday in Raleigh.

WECT uncovered the state board rejected 230 labels since 2002 for various reasons.

Reasons for rejection include nudity or anything that is obscene or indecent. Additionally, beer and wine labels that show the American flag or other symbols of the armed forces won’t get past the ABC board either.

“We don’t feel it’s really pushing the boundaries too much,” said Wasatch Brewmaster Jon Lee, about the beer that pokes fun at the state’s polygamous past. “We’re from Utah. It’s a tongue and cheek name. Obviously, we’re not trying to promote anything.”

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