KCSO captain calls demotion 'unjust' in grievance letter

Chief Brad Hall demoted to captain after drunken altercation with colleague

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- One of Knox County Sheriff's Office's top officers has written a formal grievance letter after getting demoted following a night of drinking in Knoxville's Old City.

Captain Detectives Brad Hall filed the grievance on September 6 after being demoted from Assistant Chief Deputy in August 2019 in connection to an incident that reportedly occurred on April 27, 2019. Hall claimed the incident happened "On or about April 26, 2019" in his formal grievance.

An internal investigation launched by Sheriff Tom Spangler concluded that in April, Hall drove his county-issued vehicle to a restaurant to go drinking, a violation of county rules. Then, got into an altercation with his co-worker, Lieutenant Denver Scalf, that led to the damage of a civilian's vehicle. Both Scalf and Hall were off-duty at the time.

Kimberly Glenn, communications director for Sheriff Spangler, eventually confessed to the sheriff what happened that night. She said in an interview that she received a call from Hall's wife that night indicating Hall was intoxicated and trying to drive his county-issued Chevy Tahoe and asked her to locate he and Scalf. Glenn said she and Hall's wife discussed how this "is a pattern for Hall and she often begs him not to drink and drive his county-issued vehicle."

The grievance filed by Hall that Kimberly Glenn "surreptitiously recorded a conversation between her and my wife" without their knowledge. Glenn also "took pictures of the county vehicle I had driven and parked that night. Again, she withheld until then at the internal affairs investigation."

In the letter, Hall calls himself a victim of Glenn's "lust for power and influence."

"The demotion that I received was an unfair and unjust action and I should be reinstated as the Assistant Chief Deputy immediately and the suspension lifted. My twenty-nine years with this office with little to no issues, only support this grievance."

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