Pigeon Forge couple owns massive collection of Dolly Parton memorabilia

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Dolly Parton turns 74 this weekend, and many people are planning parties in her honor. One couple in Pigeon Forge is by her all the time.

Source: WVLT

“Happy 74th birthday my dear, cheer’s” with a toast of wine and cake, Patric Parkey and Harrell Gabehart say happy birthday to Dolly Parton.

Over the years Patrick and Harrell have accumulated what could be the world’s largest private collection of Dolly Parton memorabilia. They’ve collected everything from pictures, pinball machines, wigs, and don’t forget the clothes.

“Another Tony Chase,” Parkey referring to one of Dolly’s designers, as he talked about an outfit that’s on display for the first time. “Has the matching head bands, earrings, shoes.”

Some items Dolly personalized.

“We got this from her 20 years ago,” he said about a jacket.

Dolly has even been to their house to check it all out. It’s what they say was a dream come true.

“We wanted her to come to the house, see what we have, it was always a dream. 20 years later when she does come to the house dreams do come true.”

They’ve spent years documenting each outfit trying to find out when it was worn and where. It’s given them a closer connection to Dolly. This is why they feel they should celebrate in her honor.

“Life happiness, never lose hope, never stop dreaming, cause dreams do come true,” he said. “It’s just easy to celebrate her birthday to a wonderful person. She does so much when she’s a part of your life like she is here you got to celebrate with her.”

Happy birthday Dolly from all of us!

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