US Sen. Cramer apologizes for offensive term about Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the United States House of Representatives), Photo Date: 3/7/2019 / Photo: C-SPAN / (MGN)

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer says he's sorry for a late-night tweet in which he used an offensive term to describe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Cramer blamed autocorrect for the tweet, which he deleted soon after posting it Tuesday evening. The Republican senator was responding to a video clip on Twitter in which the California Democrat was being interviewed on CNN about the massive COVID-19 relief bill.

The tweet read: "She's retarded." Cramer said in an interview that he meant to type, "She's ridiculous." Congressional negotiators finally struck agreement early Wednesday on the $2 trillion package after days of intense negotiations.

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