Florida sheriff calls out "knuckleheads" living in nuisance house

Source: Brevard County Sheriff's Office

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WVLT/WTSP) -- A Florida county sheriff has gone viral after he held a Facebook Live in front of a "nuisance" house in Brevard County.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey stood outside of the home he said had become a "complete nuisance" to the neighborhood. He said that deputies had been called to it nearly 100 times last year.

"This house and an overwhelming majority of the people who are in it are a constant disruption and pain in the butt to their neighbors," he said in the video.

Deputies were called to the home for a variety of reports including drugs, an overdose, fights and stolen vehicles. The day before the video was posted, the sheriff said two violent felons were arrested at the home. He said one of the two had broken into a neighbor's house through a doggie door.

"Enough is enough. The neighbors in this area are in such distress, they won't even let their kids go outside to play for fear they will encounter one of these knuckleheads or one of the needles they've left behind," Sheriff Ivey said during the Facebook Live.

He said that neighbors were "in such distress" that they wouldn't let their kids play outside. Ivey added that the house and people inside had made his "H.I.T." list, a high-intensity target list.

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