World War II veteran Clinton Riddle dies at 98

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SWEETWATER, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Clinton Riddle, a Sweetwater World War II veteran who survived D-Day, the Battle of Bulge, and several other battles died Tuesday night.

He's received a Purple Heart, and on August 9, 2019, Riddle accepted another honor — a bridge dedicated in his name.

The exit 60 bridge over I-75 bears a new name, but the story behind it is 98 years old.

"These old shoes, issued in '42, if they could talk, they could tell you a whole story," Clint said.

It would include stories of survival. Clint was a glider with the 325th Glider Infantry with the 82 Airborne Division. He survived two crash landings and so much more.

"The coast landing -- the original coast landing; we lost more than 200 men. Beaches just covered in dead bodies," he said.

But while Clint is a war hero in the eyes of East Tennesseans, he said it's just a job done.

The Clinton Riddle Bridge was officially dedicated is his honor on Friday, August 9th.

"100 years from now, if we're still here, this will be the Clint Riddle Bridge," Mayor Doyle Lowe said. "We cherish him and we thank him every day for what he's done for this country."

Most recently, Clint traveled to more than 100 church congregations sharing his war stories.

"Bringing the youngsters in to hear my testimony. I think they need to know what happened."

Clint would have turned 99 on February 24th, 2020.

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