Knoxville brewery shows a 'crafty' way to have fun

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 5:25 PM EDT
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Sharing time with friends has been tough, but a Knoxville group has figured out a unique way to do just that.

A good 'ole scavenger hunt is always fun, and in this day and age, it can be rather interesting. That's just what a local brewery is doing to keep spirits up in Knoxville.

"So it's a ten-week season, we go from time change to time change so from early March to early November and then there's a championship race at the end of those ten weeks," says Aaron McClain, owner of Crafty Bastard Brewery in Knoxville.

The folks at Crafty Bastard Brewery have crafted a way to bring people together for some fellowship and friendly competition with their annual Grenade Race.

"You run around to different locations and you take your selfies and you try and amass points based on how far those locations are from Crafty bastard which is the home base for the scavenger hunt," said Shelby Scott. "When we realized that COVID-19 was going to kind of stop the group run aspect of things, a number of us were disappointed that we may not be able to run the race as usual, but the great thing about the race is that it is an individual race at its core, which meant we were able to continue the race using things like text messaging for sending pictures or email and then our main one that we've used this round is Instagram."

While the race map remains the same, each week the destinations are different. The key for competitors is time management and making sure you can get back to the Brewery in the quickest time possible.

Scott added, "Let's say you plan a route for 40 minutes again and the time is actually 60 minutes how do you adjust on the fly? It's a great combination of strategy, luck and also fitness."

Perfect eyesight is referred to as 20-20 vision, well the year 2020 has been anything but clear. What is clear is the camaraderie these folks share during these times says McClain, "Absolutely, people talk about their bikes. A friend of mine just got a new bike, and we were just talking about that, people talk about their routes and how they could have done better."

This current season of racing is winding down with the championships set for next week. The brewery is waiting until it's fully open and functional before it reinstates the normal protocols and processes for the Grenade Race, which they're hoping will be soon. For more information on the Crafty Grenade Race, please visit the link listed below.

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