A fix may be coming for the McDonald's ice cream machines

Donut Sticks are back at McDonald's. / (MGN)

(WVLT/PEOPLE) -- Have you ever pulled into a McDonald's drive-thru, wanting an Oreo McFlurry only to be told the machines weren't working? If you're like many, it has happened to you at least once. It's happened so many times that a company reportedly has developed a device to prevent McDonald's ice cream machines from breaking down.

According to People, Kytch has teamed up with the restaurant chain to develop a device which can correct human errors and let staff know what's wrong when the ice cream machines appear to be down.

The device can also tell when the machine is about to go down and can help the restaurant keep track of the machine's cleaning cycle.

CNN reported that the devices were introduced in May, but McDonald's has not revealed whether they are in use or where they were placed.

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