A new kind of vending machine at Clinton Middle School

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 12:58 PM EST
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Vending machines are usually used for grabbing a snack, but Clinton Middle School is using one to serve a completely different purpose. The school unveiled their new vending machine full of books last week, hoping to get students excited about reading.

April Meyers is the Academic Coach at Clinton Middle School. She said they are always looking for new ways to gets students reading.

"We just hope it will spark a little more interest in reading for some students who maybe don't have the opportunity to go to the book store and choose their own book to keep. It will just excite them about reading and increase some of our literacy here at Clinton Middle," Meyers said.

The vending machine is full of books for just $1 each. Meyers said the plan is to have the machine pay for itself, buy using the money put into the machine to buy new books for the machine.

"There's just something about choosing your own book, especially for a dollar, and then picking that book out yourself to keep," Meyers said.

Eighth grader Hazel Hensley is excited about the new book vending machine. She thinks it will be a big hit among her friends at school.

"I'm around a bunch of book worms, so I think they'll all like it," Hensley said.

Just like you grab a Coke, you can grab something that lasts a little bit longer. Meyers thinks it will be very beneficial for her students.

"Something that they really can get something out of that will last a lot longer than a snack," Meyers said.

"People who can't go out and buy good books can afford them at school," Hensley said. "I got 'Shelby's Story' and it looks really interesting and I like dogs so I think I'll enjoy it."

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