AAA: Headlights aren't getting brighter

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(WVLT) -- Have you, like many, thought that headlights were getting brighter? That's not exactly the case, AAA says.

There are several factors that contribute to the phenomenon, CBS affiliate WDEF reported. One, more cars hitting the road means newer, bright headlights. They may look brighter than those of an older car.

Stephanie Milani, AAA Public Affairs Director, says, “the new LED lights show up as blue lights so it’s kind of jarring to our brains and we think that they could be brighter. Now that’s not to say there aren’t situations where there is misalignment of the headlights and they’re shining up into your eyes because that can happen.”

AAA said drivers with older headlights can get a DIY restoration kit to clean their lights. They also said all drivers need to check the alignment of their headlights.

To do so, you can shine your lights against a wall to make sure they are illuminating the road and not shining up.