Man charged after boat runs aground, gas leaks into Louisville marina

Travis Chambers / Source: Blount County Sheriff's Office
Travis Chambers / Source: Blount County Sheriff's Office(WVLT)
Published: May. 14, 2019 at 7:51 PM EDT
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A house boat sank in the waters near the Louisville Landing Marina, and it's causing problems for other boaters.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said the boat's operator, Travis Chambers, was charged with pollution of waters and violation of vessel registration after the incident.

Vince Neeley says the Louisville Landing Marina is "a very picturesque and [idyllic] Marina, but it has been spoiled since February."

Neeley told WVLT News that in February, a houseboat visited the marina from Volunteer Landing. Unfortunately, it crashed into the rocks near Louisville Landing Marina's Cove, Neeley said, and it sank. However, Neeley said the boat mostly remains above water.

"People swim here and, people fish here, its just a great hazard in the water," Neeley said.

TWRA said the boat ran aground and damaged the fuel lines, which caused gasoline to leak into the water. Marina staff put a floating boom to contain the gasoline and keep it from "surrounding the marina and docked boats."

To clear up the wreckage, Neeley said people have reached out to the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, but efforts to clear it are slow going.

"What's frustrating to me is I cant do anything about it, no one here can do anything about it," Neeley said.

TWRA said, "We are hopeful that a resolution with the defendant can be reached in order to get the boat removed." A spokesperson with the agency said removing the boat will probably be "an expensive process."

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