Alcoa homeowner says man broke into a home, builds legos

Published: Mar. 23, 2016 at 3:29 PM EDT
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Police swarmed an Alcoa home on the 600 block of Garfield Street only to find that an intruder who made his way inside, simply wanted to kick off his shoes and play with Legos.

According to the homeowner, police said the man had a mental illness and was running away to avoid taking his medication. To do that, he ran into 10-year-old Logan Roy's home, built a few Lego figurines, kicked off his shoes and got a glass of water.

Roy watched the whole thing from his daycare across the street.

"When we came in here after this, there were his shoes and a glass of water. And it just made me laugh," Roy said.

Alcoa police said they surrounded the house for about an hour, unsure if the suspect was armed. He wasn't. But the man was taken to Blount Memorial hospital for evaluation.