Knoxville salt spa claims to relieve allergy symptoms

Published: Aug. 7, 2018 at 6:24 PM EDT
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Ragweed has East Tennesseans with allergies down for the count. A new wave of treatment is drawing people to a local salt spa for help with congestion.

Her whole life, Angela Clark has suffered from a long list of allergies.

"Mold, mildew, cat, dog, dust, pollen, ragweed, the whole nine yards," said Clark. " It's been my path my entire life, dealing with the allergies and learning how to live with the day to day stuff."

Allergist Dr. Ty Prince said this is the time of year ragweed and hay fever aggravate allergies.

"East Tennessee is so bad that pretty much when people are outdoors there's going to be some allergens out there," said Prince.

Dr. Prince recommends patients get allergy shots to help symptoms and prevent new allergies from developing.

"That not only prevents you from reacting to the allergens to begin with, but it helps you from developing new allergies," he added.

Clark said she took the shots for years until coming across salt therapy.

"The first five minutes of that session I felt my sinuses start to drain and I was like, 'Oh my gosh this is incredible,' it was like instant relief," she said.

Last year she opened InSpirit Salt Spa in West Knoxville. She said results from a 45 minute session can last three to four days.

"The salt is like a natural sponge, so when you breathe it in it absorbs the mucus that's in your respiratory system so you'll breathe it out, you'll sneeze it out, you'll exhale it out, it comes out," said Clark.

After two years of spending time in the salt Clark said she no longer needs allergy shots.

"I'm totally off of my allergy shots and my only medication is the salt therapy," said Clark.