South Knox could still get "quaint" version of Ancient Lore Village resort

A model home has already been constructed in "Boyd Hollow." / Source: (WVLT)
A model home has already been constructed in "Boyd Hollow." / Source: (WVLT)(WVLT)
Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 8:11 AM EST
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Ancient Lore Village will not be built in Knoxville, according to the resort's creator, Tom Boyd. But, ALV officials say "Boyd Hollow" could still be home to a "quaint" version of the original plan.

Boyd said a decision was made not to build the fantasy-themed resort in South Knoxville after opposition from community members.

"We respect everyone's opinion," said Boyd. "Ancient Lore Villiage will be built, but not in Knoxville."

An activist group called

has been fighting against the project since it was announced. According to the group's website, "The selected site is wildly inappropriate for an endeavor on the scale of Ancient Lore Village–or any commercial enterprise beyond those explicitly permitted in county code for agriculturally-zoned parcels (e.g., home-based businesses, roadside vegetable stands, and other small farming-related ventures)."

Boyd said there are other plans in line for the land in South Knoxville known as "Boyd Hollow," but that an announcement regarding those plans won't be made until late December.

“The South Knoxville property is and will remain an Ancient Lore Village property,” said Matthew Cross, CEO of Ancient Lore Village. “It has one of our dwellings there and the property will be used as an Ancient Lore Village location, but it will not be one of our full-scale resorts.” According to Cross, Ancient Lore Village will work with local government entities and its South Knoxville neighbors to develop a quaint Ancient Lore Village concept for the company’s South Knoxville property.

Boyd said three other cities are bidding for an opportunity to provide a home for the resort, but he did not specify which cities are in the running.

“Because of the excitement surrounding Ancient Lore Village, we are currently exploring opportunities in Tennessee and at least three other states for our first Ancient Lore Village resort,” Cross said. “While the South Knoxville plan changed, the Ancient Lore Village concept has been overwhelmingly well-received, and we now have multiple locations bidding for our first location.”

The $40 million, 150-acre resort was expected to feature more than 150 treehouses and cottages, shops, a restaurant, a lazy river and other attractions all based on Tom Boyd's book called, "The Bobbins - Outcast to the Inner Earth" which is available on


Officals said the new plan is no longer based on a specific theme or story, but rather, "the resort centers around community and fostering human connections. These connections will be explored through storytelling and unique amenities and experiences designed to be very different than the rapid-fire communication of the modern-day. These immersive adventures make heroes of guests and will delight the devoted fantasy enthusiast and the casual participant alike."

A $30 million deal was under consideration to move the resort to land owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Sevier County, but a report from

shows the deal fell through after a unanimous vote from the tribal council on December 5.

You can see all the photos and details about the resort on the official


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