Anderson County man arrested for taking photos under dresses

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - An Anderson County man is facing charges for taking lewd pictures of a woman at a West Knoxville store for his own pleasure, according to court documents from Knox County.

Christopher Steven Holt, 23, from Clinton is charged with unlawful photography In violation of privacy.

Court warrants state Sunday May 19, Holt was seen on on video placing his phone under the dress of a victim two different times at the Target located at 1900 Town Center Blvd.

Police say that Holt was interviewed on June 12. During the interview he confessed to using his cellphone to photograph under the woman's dress, adding that he has done this at the same location on several occasions.

In Tennessee is a class E felony and could result in 1-6 years in jail.

Holt is scheduled to face the June on June 20 for arraignment.

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