Workers fight claims that Sevierville animal shelter is 'filthy'

Published: Apr. 18, 2018 at 5:50 PM EDT
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Former shelter director at Pets Without Parents Daniel Langston recently began blowing the whistle on his previous employers.

"I'm not disgruntled against the workplace, it's more so my heart hurts for the animals," said Langston. "Animals deserve a voice."

Fed up with the way Langston said the animals were treated in intake processing at Pets Without Parents in Sevierville, Langston quit three weeks before

. On Wednesday, he spoke with Local 8 News about what he said he saw behind closed doors.

"The biggest concerns for I and the staff were the conditions the animals were in, and the environment itself just wasn't suitable," said Langston.

Amerie Porter said she went to find her missing cat, but she said what she saw at intake disgusted her.

"They're just sitting in their own feces, some of them didn't have food, some of them didn't have water," said Porter.

Local 8 News reporter Donovan Long asked Lory Souders, the president of the shelter, about the claims Langston and Porter made. Souders said there's no truth to the allegations.

"We get in there, we clean all their kennels, we disinfect them, we give them all fresh water," said Souders.

Mallory Bertrand went into intake Wednesday and took several pictures.

"Walking into Pets Without Parents is disheartening because of the filth that was in there," said Bertrand.

Long asked Souders about the conditions depicted in the photos, and she said the pictures were taken first thing in the morning. She also explained that the intake facility has been disinfected twice a day, and plans are in the works to finish construction by the end of the week. Souders added, finishing this project is one reason why the shelter closed to the public for one week.

Several animal lovers said they don't want Pets Without Parents to shut down. They simply want to see change.

"My wish is that it's an eye opener," said Langston.

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