Aquarium weed invades Fountain City Lake

Parrot feather weed takes over Fountain City Lake. / Source: (WVLT)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. A type of weed is taking over one of Knoxville's iconic lakes--making it look what some say is unattractive.

Roger Byrd remembers when Fountain City Lake was pristine.

"It's always been an icon for Fountain City," said Byrd, a member of the Fountain City Lions Club.

But it doesn't look the same, especially for Tommy Asher who fishes here a few times a week.

"Yeah, it's pretty aggravating," said Asher.

Fishermen and Lions Club members are both annoyed by this.

"It's a non-native invasive species from Brazil," Byrd said.

And it's like kudzu but in a lake.

"The parrot-feather you see in the lake now was come out of aquariums," said Byrd.

It grows in a still lake or pond and and take over the body of water.

"I mean, that's annoying," said Asher.

"It makes me feel horrible," said Byrd.

"I'm getting a lot of grass with him, yeah. Maybe I'll help clean it out, huh," joked Asher.

City engineers have cleaned out more than 50 pounds of the weed.
It all started because folks have been dumping their home aquariums in the community lake.

"I'd like to see it get cleaned out," said Asher.

The city picked up the tab for most of the removal too, but Byrd has one message to others: "Just leave it alone. Don't put nothing in there."

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