Are you finding these in your home?

Millipedes don't have a very long life-span. Most of the time when you find them they are already dead. Source: WVLT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- Over the summer months, bug exterminators and pest control companies have been receiving an influx of calls and concerns with millipedes invading homes around Knoxville.

Millipedes tend to reside wherever the climate and environment best suits them at the moment. During hot, dry summer months like July, Knoxville residents can expect to see millipedes in places like window sills, basements and garages of homes.

University of Tennessee Entomologist Jerome Grant says there are three reasons millipedes will invade homes: when it is hot and dry outside, when we have had excessive rainfall that makes their outside habitat undesirable and in the fall when they are seeking overwintering habitats. Grant says these creatures prefer to reside in moist areas of the home.

Larry Motes, a board certified entomologist and General Manager of Gregory Pest Solutions says millipedes are mostly harmless and are simply trying to find balance in the weather just like humans.

"Some preventative things you can do to keep these guys out of homes is sealing windows and doors and keeping grass and vegetation cut low and away from homes." , said Motes.

If you find millipedes in your home, the best solution is to sweep them up from the floor and dispose of them, then call an exterminator to spray around the exterior of your house.

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