'Bachelorette' shops for boyfriend on Knoxville's Market Square

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Hannah Brown, the star of this season's popular dating show the 'The Bachelorette,' appeared on Market Square in Knoxville on April 24, 2019.

Val's Boutique posted photos to its Instagram account showing the reality star walking through Market Square. Another photo showed her hugging a man outside Cafe 4.

The women's clothing shop wrote, "OMG! #knoxville is famous today!!!! #hannahb and @bacheloretteabc is taping in #marketsquare Did you see her?"

Tyler Young took the photographs posted by Val's Boutique. He was with Justin Trammell, who snapped his own photos of the scene and shared them with WVLT News. They were eating lunch at Soccer Taco around 1 p.m. when they noticed commotion on the square.

"Me and some buddies from work saw a bunch of cameras and a girl we thought kinda looked like the girl who was on 'The Bachelor'," said Trammell.

Trammell said he was familiar with the show because he watches it with his wife, "They were doing some takes of her walking up to see him. I don't know if they were doing the hometown dates. It looked like maybe she was coming to see him for a hometown, they just kept filming it over and over. "

Trammell said the filming didn't last long, maybe five or ten minutes. Trammell said he snapped a few photos and sent them to his wife to brag, "She is jealous yeah. I called her right afterwards."

So who was the guy Hannah B met on Market Square? Trammell said colleagues told him the contestant is originally from Knoxville but living in Nashville.

Hannah B was dumped during Colton's season of 'The Bachelor' before being named 'The Bachelorette.'