Staff: Oneida hospital employees receive pay, still behind payroll

Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 8:28 PM EST
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Money problems continue to plague employees at an Oneida hospital.

Employees of Big South Fork Medical Center told WVLT News they were paid Friday, January 24 after reportedly missing two paychecks. However, one employee said they only received one paycheck and are still behind.

WVLT News Reporter Robert Grant spoke with the employees over the phone who say they were supposed to get paid January 10th. They eventually got paid on Jan 24.

An employee at the Big South Fork Medical Center claimed the hospital's human resources department reached out to local utility companies to ask them not turn off the hospital employees' electricity.

Plateau Electric confirmed that the hospital had emailed them and that they were "working with employees."

WVLT News spoke over the phone with Hal Leftwich, the CEO of Big South Fork Medical Center, who said he had no comment. Reporter Robert Grant also attempted to speak with Leftwich at the hospital's administrative offices. An employee there said he was in a meeting and had no comment about employees' pay.

The company behind Big South Fork Medical Center is Florida-based Rennova Health, the same company behind Jellico Community Hospital. Recently,

said their payments were delayed, too.

According to Rennova Health's website, the company headquarters is located in West Palm Beach. Google Images shows the address listed is a strip mall. The exact suite is actually a UPS store.

WVLT spoke with a human resources representative from Rennova Health Thursday who said someone would have to call us back with information.

This is not the first time employees accused the Oneida hospital of not paying on time either. In

, multiple employees at the Big South Fork hospital came forward and said that they had not been paid.

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