Briceville volunteer fire dept. getting new station

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BRICEVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- The Briceville Volunteer Fire Department has received a grant for a new fire station to be built.

The original Briceville Volunteer Fire station has been standing since 1978. / Source: WVLT News

The original station has been standing since 1978 and has never had any updates or renovations to the building. The old building is deteriorating and falling apart. The fire chief said the side doors are barely big enough for the fire trucks to fit through. The station doesn't even have air conditioning, so the firefighters have been without air this summer.

"It’s a blessing to me," said Fire Chief Jamie Bruster. "I’ve been working hard since I took over as chief, and I've really been fighting trying to get my guys new equipment, and I’ve got a good group of guys they really back me and they are supportive and help a lot on everything that we do."

The USDA grant the station received is roughly $180,000. It is one of the largest grants given in Anderson county.

Bruster has been the chief of the station for the past three years, and each year he has been able to get a grant for the department. These grants have helped the station get new equipment, fire gear and now a new building.

Architects over the project will start drawing up a blueprint for the station over the next several weeks and plan to break ground on the project within two months.

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