Black Bear Cafe reopens in Townsend

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TOWNSEND, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Black Bear Cafe in Townsend reopened for the season on Wednesday, March 13th. The owners said they close down during the winter season because tourism slows. The restaurant reopens every March.

Even though Townsend is a tourist town, co-owner Randy Shuler said their main customers are the people who live there, "The locals here in town support us well."

Shuler said that many customers have become family.

"They care about their customers," said Martha Walker, a frequent customer at Black Bear Cafe and a Townsend local. "The first thing they did was ask about a vacation I recently went on."

Walker said their food is wonderful and called the pecan pie one of her favorites, a menu item handmade by Randy Shuler.