Blake Smith's friends feel his presence in the sanctuary

Published: Feb. 7, 2018 at 3:37 PM EST
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Blake Smith's goal was to one day be a preacher.

Smith's message about bringing glory to God was his last sermon before Blount County deputies recovered his body in Georges Creek Tuesday.

"Blake wanted to be used in any way he could," said Austin Brinkley, Blake's housemate.

Smith's friends said his sermon was certainly not the last time they will ever feel his presence in a sanctuary.

"God's given us a life, we don't know how long it is, but we have to use it for the best we can and live every day like it truly is our last, and Blake showed us that," Brinkley said.

Brinkley joined dozens of friends in prayer Wednesday at Temple Baptist Church. Brinkley told Local 8 News he asked God to help him carry the weight of losing a friend.

"I've cried myself several times during this event, but I can't carry it," Brinkley said. "It honestly has to be fully relied on by God."

In one of their weakest moments, Smith's classmates said they find strength in the wisdom he left behind.

"He would definitely tell them to keep pressing on for the Lord and focus on the race that we have to run here," Kenny Fulford, Smith's housemate, said.

For Fulford, that race begins with being like Smith.

"The main thing is, how, what can I do in my life to be more like him?" Fulford said.

Scripture told the Crown College community that Smith is in a better place. Smith's sermons told them he'll be in another pulpit sooner than they think.

"That touches my heart," Brinkley said.