"The Well Armed Woman" offers new chapter

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 6:18 PM EDT
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Imagine being defenseless during a dangerous situation. You might feel helpless and scared.

To change all that, one woman is leading a new gun safety group just for women.

"Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot. OK, get deep, bend your legs." Kristin Corbitt explained steps of holding a gun to a woman at a shooting range in Blount County.

She wants to help protect women by showing them how to protect themselves.

"We can't always wait for help to come," said Corbitt.

That's why she says she plants to lead a new shooting chapter called "The Well Armed Woman."

"We are here to help women be educated, empowered and equipped with firearm safety," explained Corbitt, "I wanted to bring this chapter here because we don't have very many opportunities for women around here like this."

Women will have the opportunity to learn hands-on self-defense.

"We're hoping to attract people who may feel more comfortable taking classes from a female instructor," said Ryan McPherson.

He owns a shooting range in Blount County and asked Corbitt to lead the class thinking she can relate to many women.

"When I was sixteen I was attempted kidnapped and my mom took me out to shoot," said Corbitt.

She said she was scared for her life.

Now she transforms her fear into focus when she shoots.

"I have a blast, especially shooting with the guys I shoot with that's a lot of fun," said Corbitt.

She has one goal.

"I would like to see every woman that would like to be equipped in how to use a firearm become more educated on how to use that firearm," explained Corbitt.

The first meeting is Friday night at 6:30. It will be held at New Providence Masonic Lodge at 318 Ellis Ave. in Maryville. Meetings will be held monthly on the third Friday and are open to women 21 years and older that may legally own a firearm.

The annual chapter membership costs $50 and offers members local and national discounts and covers chapter expenses.

If you have questions you can email Kristin Corbitt at twawmaryvillechapter@gmail.com.

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