Political science expert weighs in on candidates' body language

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We all know body language can say a lot about a person. So after last night's debate, we sent Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis to talk to a political science expert to look at the body language of the candidates during their final debate.

Political Science Professor Anthony Nownes sat down with us and watched the final debate again. He said, "I like looking at Donald Trump's facial expressions."

We analyzed both candidates' body language like Hillary's look when she doesn't make any expressions while Trump talks. Nownes says, "She has people telling her that's what she should do. She acts respectful like you're paying attention and listening. She doesn't do what he does and make goofy faces."

While she acts like your typical candidate, Professor Nownes says Trump is a very expressive candidate. Nownes says, "In his mind this works because he is tapping into a deep seeded disgust with political establishment. That's how normal people behave when they talk about politics."

Nownes says that's because Trump is appealing to all those voters who want something different in a president. Nownes says, "Donald's main appeal is he isn't your standard politician. His body language is different. He's not as composed and he thinks it works, but the problem is it does for his supporters, but not for those undecided."

The biggest story told in their body language, was when the debate was over, and Clinton went to shake the moderators hand and Trump remained behind the podium. Nownes says, "It indicates Hillary looks like she's acting like a front-runner more poised and at ease with what's happening. He's acting as though he's someone who knows that he has a lot of ground to make up."

At the end of the day though, Nownes says body language probably won't have much impact on who wins.