Bowden talks basketball, comeback and family!

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)— Thursday would have been the day the round of 16 tipped off in the NCAA Tournament, but like all other sporting events at this time they’ve either been postponed or cancelled.

Last season, Jordan Bowden and his Tennessee teammates played in the Big Dance, but right now the UT Senior is focusing on his basketball future.
It’s one which will include basketball, the question is where? On Thursday, we asked Jordan through video conference, if given an extra year of eligibility, would he consider returning to Rocky Top? Bowden answered, “I'd love to stay here at UT but it's something I'd have to talk over with my family but you know I'd love to come back."

I asked Jordan to take us through those couple days recently at the SEC Tourney in Nashville, where things began to unravel quickly and eventually there would be no basketball, Bowden remembered, “We started out going against Alabama so we was focused on that game the game plan and what not and once we got to the gym that morning they told us they told us theTournament was cancelled it was emotional knowing that could be the last time I played for Tennessee."

About life since the Tourney, we asked Bowden what he’s been able to do with things not so normal right now. He said, “I’m getting my own amount of work done. I try to find a gym because it's hard to do that around here with the coronavirus going around. You know it's tough, to this day it doesn't feel real."

Faith and family means a lot to Jordan and his Mom was instrumental in helping him get to UT. Now that it's all done, I asked him how satisfied he is now that he’s been able to make her proud? Bowden smiles and said,
“Wherever I went I felt like she'd support me no matter what, but coming here was real special for her and being able to have her come to my games any time I want and I know my granny would be proud as well just coming here to Tennessee was all I wanted."

Whether with or without him , Jordan says the Vols are in good hands with head coach Rick Barnes and should make another great run next season.