I 'gave them DNA' says William McCloud on search for missing Tenn. toddler

Source: Wilkes County Sheriff's Office
Source: Wilkes County Sheriff's Office(WVLT)
Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 6:37 PM EST
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The boyfriend of Evelyn Boswell's grandmother spoke to WVLT News from jail on February 26.


on February 19 for missing 15-month-old Boswell. Boswell's mother, Megan Boswell, was arrested on February 25 for false reporting.

Boswell's mother, Angela, was arrested on February 21 for charges of theft and later extradited to Tennessee.

William McCloud, the boyfriend of Angela Boswell, spoke to WVLT News reporter Gwendolyn Ducre from jail in Sullivan County.

McCloud was jailed on charges of theft and extradited back to Tennessee from North Carolina. Wilkes County, North Carolina has been at the center of the search for Evelyn.

McCloud told WVLT News that he has only seen Evelyn "twice in my life," and that was when he began a relationship with Angela, which he said was in June 2019.

McCloud said Angela and Megan were not estranged but "they just had some issues where they weren't getting along." McCloud said they began talking when Angela wanted to see Evelyn again, "but she [Megan] can't never come up with a reason to produce the kid."

Evelyn was still missing as of February 26, and investigators said they don't have any idea where she could be.

McCloud said" I don't have a clue" as to where Evelyn could be. He added that he didn't know Megan that well and that the situation is "confusing" and "scary."

"I just want to help find where the kid is and make sure she's okay," he told WVLT News. He also said that he volunteered to take a polygraph and gave investigators his DNA.

"I've answered questions to the best of my knowledge. I've volunteered the polygraph and everything."

McCloud said he has not spoken to Angela in several days as they have both been jailed.

The bail-bondsman at A-Hood Bonding in Kingsport, Tennessee told WVLT News that he had a lengthy history of being contacted for bail by McCloud and the Boswell family. He said he had helped Angela and William several times.

The bail-bondsman said the family has always paid on time and has always paid in cash.

McCloud's bond was set at $500,000. The bail-bondsman said the bond was set high, "probably hoping that" McCloud wouldn't post bond on Wednesday night.

He, along with Megan Boswell and Angela Boswell, remain in jail as of Wednesday night. McCloud is set for arraignment on February 27.

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