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Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT)-- I Spent some time today with Brent Hubbs of talking about Tennessee's addition of Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney. The Vols paying top dollar to take away from SEC-East rival!

Jim Chaney comes in as one of the highest paid assistant coaches in the country. A very lucrative three year guaranteed contract worth 1.525 million the first year, 1.6 million the second year and 1.7 million the third.It's interesting, 20 years ago Phillip Fulmer had just become
a million dollar coach and now the offensive coordinator of Tennessee and even last year offensive coordinator are making more money
and that's how much the industry has changed but for Jim Chaney a lucrative deal it's a big part of why he's coming to Tennessee although he likes Tennessee and Jeremy Pruitt, money was a factor because wouldn't match it.

Tennessee does have to pay about a half a million dollars to buy out his contract. It's good money if you can get it and in the process you're taking away from one of your chief rivals in the SEC East.

When you make a hire you want to better yourself and if you can weaken one of your rivals someone your competing against every year, that's not a bad thing either. Jim Chaney's success is well documented, what he's done with quarterbacks the production he's put up, the balance that he's shown and the fact he understands the SEC and I think that was so important for this higher given the learning curve that the offensive staff and Jeremy Pruitt went thru last year, the learning curve for Tyson Helton having not been in the SEC and now you bring in a guy who knows what it's like to go against the defensive laden coaches in the SEC and he's gone against all of those, it shortens the learning curve.

Jim Chaney in coming back will have now worked for three of the last four UT head coaches in Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley and now Jeremy Pruitt.