Briceville residents concerned about steep, rough road

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BRICEVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Some Anderson County residents told Local 8 News they've expressed their concerns about a steep, rough road in Briceville called Duncan Road. Road Superintendent Gary Long said his crews have often performed maintenance there.

"We've repaired it, we've worked on it, it's a county road. If you've got any different information, it's incorrect. We've been up there twice in the past couple of months," he said.

However, Long noted that the road has not been resurfaced since 2001 and is lower priority than some main roads and roads that have more residents living along them.

"That road is a very low volume road," he said. "It turns into a gravel road if they think their asphalt's bad. The people behind them have a gravel road. And it's not very heavily traveled, it's not a connector route. There's not a lot of through traffic. They need to call me with their concerns, I guess."

Neighbors said they've resorted to some do-it-yourself fixes regarding drainage and filling in holes, as well as salting the road in cold weather.

"My boyfriend actually dug this ditch down here," said Sammantha Ashley, "because where this water was running down here, it was running into our driveway."

Sam Tindell lives in a home close to a slope, where rain comes running off the hillside onto the road, "It's bad. The other day when it rained Saturday, I come home, it's this deep," he said.

Another neighbor called Duncan Road a "deathtrap." The road is one-lane, with hairpin turns, and the road appears to be deteriorated on the slope where residents live.

Long said his crews have done regular maintenance, but they cannot promise to resurface the road anytime soon.

"I wish we had more money to redo it," he said. "And we do with what we've got."

Long encouraged anyone with concerns about roads in the county to call his office. He said if anyone has a concern about a specific road, his office checks it out.

The number for the Anderson County Road Superintendent's office is: