Bring the Thunder: supporting children with cancer

Published: May. 4, 2019 at 2:14 PM EDT
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A South Knoxville baseball tournament raises money for children who have cancer. It's called Bring the Thunder and it's held at Bower Field Park.

Each tournament held supports a new child. The proceeds from Saturday's games go to Holston Haun and his family.

"Holston is an energetic little boy," said Marybeth Haun, Holston's mom. "He was diagnosed December 13th with leukemia. It's been very hard. It's been very eye opening."

56 teams played baseball to support him. The idea started 2 years ago when organizer, John Lane's son, was in the hospital. One of the baseball teams did something special for his family and he continues to pay it forward.

"We found out that a child on one of the teams here at Bower ball field had cancer," said John Lane, creator of the tournament. "He played on a team called The Thunder, and we got with his family, and we chose to do a benefit tournament called Bring the Thunder."

There's two tournaments a year, one in the Fall and another in the Spring. Each supports a different kid battling cancer.

All the proceeds for Spring 2019 go to the Haun family. Organizers were hoping to give them $13,000.

"I see a community who has come out to show love on a family they might not know, support a family financially they might not know," said Haun. "We've learned that Leukemia is huge. It does a lot to a family, but it's not bigger than a community loving on each other."

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