Brothers by heart share a common goal

Published: Nov. 13, 2018 at 12:30 PM EST
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Many children grow up looking up to a parent or sometimes a mentor. For many East Tennessee children, that doesn't always happen.

This is where Big Brothers Big Sisters comes in. They match adults with children in the community to mentor and grow relationships. One match is also helping change the community.

Ryan Willis and his little brother Jamal Holloway started Positively Knox.

"We want to bring positivity and bring so much love to the world," said Jamal, a senior at Central High School. He has another goal in mind. "I'm going to college no matter what and I'm going to learn something."

So through Ryan's apparel company MuleKick, the two are selling t-shirts that spread positivity.

"The phrase that we can do it around the world starts with only one place at a time. So, we were sitting there thinking, 'What could be a great way to start this?' We were like, 'Woah! That's a great idea,'" said Holloway.

The shirts are $19.99 and the proceeds go to Jamal's college fund. Something that would not have been possible without BBBS of East Tennessee.

"Went through the process and got matched with Jamal, we matched in August of 2012 so it's been six years. It's been amazing. I go back to day one when he would hardly even look at me. He was super shy, but he's grown so much since then," said Willis.

Not related by blood but family at heart, Jamal is now part of the family. Together they hope to spread positivity throughout East Tennessee.

For t-shirt information and more on Positively Kn+x Project click