Bud Light offering free beer to any alien that escapes Area 51

Bud Light debuts alien-themed beer label / Source: Bud Light @budlight

(WVLT/WREG) -- "We'd like to be the first brand to formally announce that we will not be sponsoring the Area 51 raid," Bud Light said on Twitter on July 15.

The brand refers to a fake Facebook event that is called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us," saying they want to storm the Nevada military base on September 20 to “see them aliens.” Over 1 million Facebook users have signed up to "storm" the area.

On July 17, however, Bud Light announced it had changed its tune, saying, "Screw it. Free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out."

It then debuted an alien-themed label, which they said they will make happen if the original tweet gets retweeted 51,000 times.

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