Bullet hits crib, narrowly misses sleeping baby

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A bullet flew into a north Knox County home and through a crib, just inches away from a sleeping baby.

Now that family is speaking out, reminding people that if they fire a gun, the bullet lands somewhere.

"Seriously, inches separated a bullet from her body," said Sarina Manifold, about her daughter Brynn.

She woke up to the gunshots around 12:45 a.m. Sunday, and immediately heard Brynn screaming.

The bullet went through the second story of the Stillglen Lane home, into the headboard of Brynn's crib -- missing her body by just a few inches -- through the bedroom wall and lodged into a stud in the guest bedroom.

Pieces of chipped wood now coat the 5-month-old's bed.

"Fear, terror, grateful that she's OK... As soon as I hung up the phone with 911 I think that's when it hit me, and I just started hugging her and sobbing," Manifold said.

Knox County detectives believe the bullet is from a shooting on the 1900 block of Murray Drive. At least 10 rounds were fired, investigators recovered nine shell casings, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

The Manifold's house is on the opposite side of the electric tower.

"From that far away, I never would have thought a bullet would have hit the house... very crazy," said Brian Manifold, Brynn's father.

Officers might never figure out who fired the gun, the Manifolds said, but they hope their story makes gun owners think twice before pulling the trigger.

"People who choose to have weapons and want to go out and shoot them, that they know that bullets do land somewhere. And they landed in our house. And that scares me," Sarina Manifold said.

Both Manifolds said they had parent pass away and wholeheartedly believe Brynn's grandparents were watching over her Saturday night.

Sheriff's deputies should be back at the beginning of the week to remove the bullet wedged into the wall, according to Sarina Manifold.

The family has ordered Brynn and new crib, until then, she'll be sleeping in her parent's room for at least six weeks.