Should college athletes make a profit? California bill says yes

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Calif.-- A California bill could make it possible for college athletes to profit from the use of their name, images and likeness, according to ESPN .

Proposed legislation passed another subcommittee hurdle in the legislative process Tuesday, July 9.

The Fair Pay to Play Act would prohibit schools in California from taking away scholarships or eligibility from college athletes who use their fame to make money, the article stated.

The proposal "also allows for athletes to hire an agent or a lawyer to represent them in business deals without losing their eligibility," ESPN reported.

The article stated: "it would not require schools to pay its players, but instead guarantee players the same rights given to Olympic athletes."

The NCAA president said he wanted to delay the vote so his organization could have time to consider the impact of the law, according to ESPN.

Other opponents of the bill wanted the committee to pause the process to give the NCAA time to explore potentially negative unintended consequences.

If passed, the law would not go into effect until January 2023.

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