CAK encouraging students to avoid 'play dates' due to illness

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Christian Academy of Knoxville closed it's campus after dozens of students checked out of school Wednesday with flu-like symptoms.

CAK cleaning crew will deep clean the school while students and staff are out for the rest of the week. / Source: WVLT News

CAK reported that more than ten percent of the 900 students enrolled (roughly 90 students) were out of school and several called in to report having the flu or stomach viruses.

CAK closed its doors to students and teachers on Thursday so that their cleaning crew could come in and thoroughly disinfect each building.

"Our high-school was hit the hardest- we didn't have as many in the lower grades, but considering the fact we all share facilities here, we share the cafeteria, the gym and we have a lot of families who have multiple families throughout grade levels, we knew that it was going to continue spreading throughout our school," said CAK Director of Communications Julya Johnson.

After consulting with the school nurse, CAK decided to remained closed until Tuesday following the Martin Luther King holiday.

"We're also encouraging our kids not to have sleep-overs and play dates." said Johnson. "That was one thing that we did want to get out to our students because our students are very tight knit and close friends- but if they're not going to be at school spreading it then we don't want them spreading it at home either."

Claiborne County Schools are also closed through Tuesday due to illness.

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