Ca. bill would allow composting of human remains


LOS ANGELES, Ca. (KOVR) — "I think you'd have to be an apple."

Pat Sweeney's wife is a teacher so he'd become an apple tree for her- but this Mom… she'd use her soil for something a little less edible.

"A rose bush, a magnolia tree."

And that might be an option… Natural Organic Reducation is an after-death method that offers a little more life.

"It's allowing us to take our body and compost it so that then we can use that compost and that soil to grow trees," said Christina Garcia, an assemblymember in Southeast Los Angeles.

Garcia sponsors the newly proposed bill that would allow composting of human remains.

"They take your body and they work to have it be composted with wood chips and other natural things. In that process, they also make sure to remove toxins… we want to make sure that the soil we're giving you is healthy and clean."

The company "Recompose," who pioneered the method says it's a clean alternative to your traditional funeral arrangements.

If everyone in California chose natural reduction the state would save 2.5 million metric tons of CO2 over 10 years.

That's the carbon savings equivalent of the energy it would take to power 225,000 homes. And if there are downsides, the people we spoke to say the benefits would outweigh them.

"It could affect the funeral homes but …. I think all sorts of businesses are going to have to make changes with all the environmental impacts we're seeing," said Aydee Melgar from Sacramento.

What are your thoughts?

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