Calling your mom can reduce stress

Published: Nov. 1, 2016 at 5:26 PM EDT
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When you were young, mom made you soup to cure a cold, or kissed a cut to make it heal. Guess what? Her magical powers are still very potent now that you're an adult. If you're stressed out, anxious or depressed, all you have to do to feel a little better: go call your mom. Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis learned the science behind the advice.

Connie Davis relieves stress by spending time with her sister. Their mom died in 96 of breast cancer, but before that they called on mom to feel better. Connie says, "She was always positive. She took the negative things in life and turned them positive."

Studies show calling your mom like Connie used to can be good for your health. Ben Harrington, the CEO of Mental Health Association of East Tennessee says, "Having somebody to reach out to can boost your mood, reduce anxiety and reduce stress."

Picking up the phone and calling mom can also have a scientific effect on your body. Harrington says, "it lowers cortisol levels. At the same time, it increases oxytocin levels which has to happen in stress reduction."

Harrington says for some phoning the parents can be stressful though, so Harrington says the best thing for parents to remember is "A lot of negative commentary isn't going to produce a healthy relationship."

For Connie and her sister, they made it a point to call mom at least once a week. Connie says, "I always felt better after I talked to my mom."

Some experts suggest setting an alarm on your phone once a week so you'll remember to dial in to relieve stress. They say most people call their moms on Monday evenings at 7:30.