Cameron Sexton officially sworn in as Tennessee Speaker of the House

Cameron Sexton gives speech a newly elected Tennessee Speaker of the House / Source: (CNN)
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Rep. Cameron Sexton (R – Crossville) was elected as Tennessee's new speaker of the house on Friday.

During this morning’s special session, lawmakers elected current Republican Caucus Chair as the next Speaker of the House.

GOP Rep. Glen Casada resigned as speaker Aug. 2 after revelations he exchanged sexually explicit text messages about women with his former chief of staff years ago, among other controversies. Casada was not present at the session.

Reporters Kyle Horan and Chris Conte will be covering today's special session, which begins at 10 a.m. Check back for updates.
Last month, House Republicans nominated Rep. Cameron Sexton as Casada's replacement.

The last time lawmakers were all together was May 2. The chaotic day ended with some lawmakers staging a walkout, more being locked in the chambers and others getting thrown out.

Some hope to use the special session to oust another lawmaker Rep. David Byrd (R – Waynesboro). He's accused of assaulting three women when he was a high school basketball coach nearly 30 years ago.

Protesters calling for his removal have gathered outside the House Chamber.

Democrats have said they want a resolution for expulsion heard at the special session. However, Speaker-Elect Sexton is apparently waiting to hear from the Attorney General on whether the House can expel a lawmaker for decades-old conduct.