Candy corn tops the list of worst Halloween candy

Candy corn was named the worst Halloween. / (MGN)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- It's official, candy corn has been rated the worst Halloween candy.

The title for worst candy was previously held by Circus Peanuts, which fell to second place. surveyed over 30,000 customers to determine the best and worst Halloween candy of 2019.

According to the 2019 data, licorice and Tootsie Rolls are among the worst candies.

On the best candies list, the famous chocolate peanut butter combination, Reese's Cups, take the number one spot. Skittles, Snicker's and Starburst are also featured in the top 10.

The top Halloween candy in Tennessee is Tootsie Pops.

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