Care Cuts offers free haircuts, food, clothes for the homeless

Care Cuts has been servicing Knoxville since April, 2019. / Source: WVLT News
Care Cuts has been servicing Knoxville since April, 2019. / Source: WVLT News(WVLT)
Published: Sep. 8, 2019 at 6:55 PM EDT
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Care Cuts provided hundreds of homeless people with hot showers, food, clothes and free hair cuts on Sunday.

The group is a non-profit organization that focuses on the needs of the homeless population in Knoxville. Founder of the organization, Marti Baker started Car Cuts in 2016 after a friend asked her to collect 500 hats for the homeless. She was able to collect over 800 hats and knew she wanted to do more to make a difference.

Baker is a hairdresser, but cuts hair for the homeless for free.

"None of us get a paycheck and as long as I'm here, nobody will get a paycheck.", said Baker.

The organization has helped hundreds of homeless people to get the resources they need to recover from drug and alcohol addictions. By offering a hair cut and love to people, Baker inspires them to do better for themselves. Often times, when Care Cuts recipients are able to get back on their feet, they become volunteers for the organization to show their appreciation for the help they received.

"My mission is to share the hope of recovery and give it to others to show them there is another way." , said Mike Maples, a Care Cuts volunteer.

Sarah Martinez was a victim of homelessness a couple of months ago. Now, she has been placed in housing and is getting back on her feet, thanks to Care Cuts.

"I came here back then as a person coming to get food, coming to get clothes, coming to get my hair cut, now I'm walking in drug recovery shoes and I love nothing more than to help people that I know their face or their name that i slept outside beside. ", said Martinez.

Care Cuts offers their services to the homeless on the first Sunday of every month. They also have different events throughout the month to continue checking in on their clients.

The group runs solely on donations and sponsorship. As they expand and help more people, their need for donations also grows. If you would like to

you can find out how on their website.

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