Carson-Newman grad starts traveling boutique in 1978 Volkswagen van

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - To be a vagabond means to be a person who wanders. Maranda Vandergriff, is the owner of Vagabondary, but her wandering heart has her rooted in her work.

"It's fashion and art for the wandering heart," she said. "It's inspired by nature and art and a love for things that are vintage, kind of a nostalgic sense."

She took her taste for the past, mixed it with a touch of optimism and picked up a well-loved set of wheels, a 1978 Volkswagen van, and started a traveling boutique.

"It's the Vagabondary bus. Instead of a brick and mortar shop, this is a wheel and tire shops," she said.

The 22-year-old Carson-Newman grad comes by her creative, grassroots company honestly.

"I have pretty much grown up shopping second hand, consignment sales, thrift shops, estate sales," she said.

Instead of keeping the treasures for herself, she sells the vintage finds.

"People are always telling me my stuff from Goodwill is so cool but they can never find anything when they go, so I decided to take out the hunting process and create this curated process of my own taste and kind of bring the shop to the people," she explained.

She also makes and sells her own pieces, things like greeting cards, prints and t-shirts with original artwork.

"It's been a huge risk taking my personality and my passions and putting it on display for the world, I really had no idea if people would like my art or any of this," she said. "The response has been really encouraging and really exciting."

She sells all of this online on sites like Etsy and brings the shop to festivals and events across East Tennessee.

"It's something that a lot of people really love and it's really the draw and the thing that makes this different is the vintage Volkswagen hippy bus," she said.

While this vagabond does have a wandering heart, she leaves a trail that's easy to follow.

"Follow your dreams and don't turn back," she said.