Cat's leg amputated after being shot by BB gun

Published: Apr. 25, 2020 at 3:34 PM EDT
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A cat in Sherman, Texas is recovering after its leg was amputated this week.

The vet told his owner he was shot by a BB gun.

"For a helpless animal that is a house pet, it's a shame that something like that would happen," said Kelly Tierney, owner to seven cats. Each cat, she says, is named after one of the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White.

The cat's name is Happy, but for him, it's been a sad week.

"His life has changed completely," Tierney said.

She let him out Monday around 6 a.m.

Her cats are known by her neighbors, so seeing them roam the neighborhood is routine.

"I got up at 10, went back outside to check on them and he limped up with a broken leg," she said.

She immediately took Happy to the vet, who told her he'd been shot.

X-rays showed his leg shattered from a BB gun.

"And he said that the easiest thing and the best thing for the cat would be to amputate it's leg," she said.

So now, Happy is living a new normal with three legs.

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