Caught on camera New Zealand fireball

Published: Jan. 7, 2019 at 8:15 AM EST
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Residents in the New Zealand town of Tauranga witnessed on Saturday a bright fireball flying in the sky.

Other social media users like Kalyse Stott posted that she heard a loud boom and a rumble after seeing the fireball breaking in two.

Ravi Jagtiani, who calls himself a fireball chaser, posted on his Facebook account the fireball could be a decaying Kosmos 2430 satellite from Russia.

"I personally believe it was definitely a fallen satellite. The decay timing and trajectory was accurately predicted hours before the event," Tauranga Astraonomical Society member, David Greg told Reuters.

Auckland Astronomical Society president Bill Thomas told local media he couldn't rule out the light coming from a falling satellite, but he thought it was more likely a meteorite. predicted that the Kosmos 2430 satellite would re-enter Earth's atmosphere on Sunday January 6 at 0125GMT.