Caught on camera: Woman attacks, bites Atlanta Uber driver

ATLANTA (WGCL/CNN) - Police have arrested a woman for attacking an Uber driver in Atlanta Sunday night.

A woman was arrested for biting an Uber driver Sunday night in Atlanta. (Source: WGCL via CNN)

The Uber driver, who wants to remain anonymous, told police he was dropping a customer off when the woman approached him.

He says she jumped on the hood of his car, got inside and ransacked it. Then, when he pulled her out, she bit him -- all while people nearby just watched.

The video shows a young woman biting the Uber driver and she wouldn't let go.

"She was like an animal to me. A dog doesn't bite like this,” said the driver.

The driver says he was dropping two passengers off when the woman started attacking him and his car ripping off his windshield wipers and interior items.

"I have to replace it all,” the driver said.

He says he wanted to defend himself but also didn't know how to react to a female attacker.

"That made me confused. She's young. She's a woman. She’s coming from nowhere. I don't know how to deal with her,” he said.

The driver said he wished people would have helped pull her off instead of just recording it.

"The people watching, they do nothing," said the driver.

Now, he's going to miss about a week worth of shifts while he makes repairs to his car and he's left with the bill.

He's reaching out to Uber to see if they'll help.

"She's ruined my week. I don't know who's going to give me compensation or something for that."

The woman has been arrested and is currently in custody. She faces battery and criminal trespassing charges.

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