How to check a medical professional's credentials or report misconduct

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Tennesseans have several tools available for checking on medical professionals or medical facilities before using their services. The state keeps records of current professional status and can list disciplinary action taken against them.

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Background checks are required before providing direct patient care in Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of Health states on its website, "Before any person who will be providing direct patient care is hired, for whom a background check has not been completed, health care facilities, emergency medical services, and individual health professionals are required by law to conduct background checks using the state sex offenders registry, the state abuse registry and the abuse registries for states in which the prospective employee has lived in the previous 7 years, according to Public Chapter 1084."

You can verify a medical professional's license using this online tool with the state byclicking here.

Here is a quick link to search health care facilities throughout the state.

You can check here for nursing home inspection findings by the Tennessee Department of Health here.

You can find the form for filing a complaint against a medical professional in Tennessee here. You can also obtain help via the Health Related Boards Complaint Hotline at 800-852-2187.

You can go here for details on filing a complaint with a health care facility such as a nursing home or hospital. Of you can call the Health Care Facilities Complaint Hotline at 877-287-0010.

You can file a complaint via the address listed here for Emergency Medical Services.