China reports no new confirmed COVID-19 cases

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(CBS) - China reported no new confirmed cases of coronavirus for the first time since the pandemic began late last year.

According to CBS News, China, the country where the pandemic reportedly began, reported no new confirmed COVID-19 cases, only two suspected cases, and no new deaths as of Saturday.

This report leads to evidence that the country is closer to overcoming the pandemic that began its industrial city of Wuhan.

The National Health Commission reported that there are still 79 patients in China actively being treated for the virus as of Friday. 376 others are reportedly in isolation and being monitored as suspected cases or because they tested positive without showing any symptoms.

CBS reported that China has seen more than 84,000 confirmed cases since January and it ranks 13th in the world for countries with the most cases. The United States ranks number one, with 1.6 million people infected, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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