Civil War attraction in Pigeon Forge looking for actors

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Civil War-themed theater is coming to Pigeon Forge next month.

The owner of the theater and show leader, Steve Gipson, said the show will be called 'Buttonwillow Civil War Theater,' and said the show tells the story of two siblings from East Tennessee. One of the siblings is pro-Union and one is pro-Confederate.

Gipson said the story is fictional, but includes real facts about history.

"It will make you laugh and cry in awe," Gipson said, and he hopes it will open people's perspective.

Gipson said they are currently looking for actors and hope to open year-round with about 500 shows annually.

Buttonwillow Civil War Theater is expected to open on Mar. 1.