'Wow we just got hit by a tornado,' Claiborne County residents clean up after storm

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TAZEWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Some East Tennesseeans are still cleaning up from this weekend's storms.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Morristown sent a crew out to assess the damage after Saturday's storms.

The NWS determined the system created a brief tornado over Eastern Claiborne County Saturday. It was determined to be an EF-0.

"We knew it was blowing, but we didn't know it to this extent," said Andy Duncan.

It touched down just before 6 p.m., and was on the ground for more than 3 miles, with a path wide of 30 yards. This is when 65 mile per hour winds caused damage.

"It took the roof off of it," said Duncan.

Duncan lost half of the roof on his barn.

"Took out a brand new fence over there that we'd just--it's been up about a month," explained Duncan, "We saw we had a mess."

It wasn't too noticeable on the ground, but the WVLT drone caught sight of the damage from up above.

"I have some equipment in the barn. All of it can be outside. It's not really hurt anything," said Duncan.

The strong winds gusted up the road to Chris Hager's home on Linden Street.

He said he heard a deep roar. So he, his wife, young daughter and dogs all went in the basement to keep safe.

"It was so quick, I didn't have time to think," said Hager.

His surveillance camera captured video of the winds outside his home.

Sunday he learned some of the shingles he recently installed, peeled off.

"It was like wow we just got hit by a tornado," said Hager.

"Thank God for safety. Shingles can be replaced, but our lives can't," said Hager.

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