Clayton-Bradley Stem Academy breaks ground on new student union

Eleventh and Twelfth grade students at Clayton-Bradley Academy participated in the ground breaking ceremony for their new student union. / Source: WVLT News
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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Clayton-Bradley Academy broke ground on the school's newest building Wednesday.

The school started out with a couple of small buildings called cottages and 77 students in 2013 and now sits on 31 acres of land with more than 300 students enrolled.

Over the last five years, the school has gained a new gymnasium, cafeteria and additional cottages. Now, the school is adding a new student union and additional cottages that will be home to the eighth-grade students, three new science labs and a robotics lab.

CBA uses a method of teaching that they call project-based learning. With this innovative learning style, kids are learning skills that will take them beyond the classroom.

"The students decide what it is that they want to explore and learn more about and the teachers take that opportunity to guide their learning in helping them, but the students are in charge of that," said CBA director and founder Pat Bradley. "There's a great deal of excitement when students are in charge of their learning and the teachers are there on the side to guide them in case they need help".

With the school's newest additions, it will be able to accept around 500 students at one time. Clayton Homes CEO, Kevin Clayton, says the school will not grow more than 570 students.

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