Tennessee Vols trash can: What you need to know

Published: Sep. 7, 2017 at 3:08 PM EDT
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The Tennessee Volunteers Football first home opener of 2017 will take place Saturday.

Fans are hoping to see a win, and one thing you'll definitely see is the recently famous Team 121 Trash Can, which was the center of social media Monday in Atlanta.

Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis shows us the trash can is not something new for the crew.

After many years covering the Vols, it's one question that Rick Russo has never asked. Coach Butch Jones said, "We had a bet to see who would ask the question about the trash can, Rick, and I did not think it would be you."

But it's sparking people's interests especially on Twitter.

Like this tweet by Lane Kiffin that says, "Is it a reminder of what they are?"

Another person tweeted, "Our Vols have a trash can, very fitting".

And, "If you were a coach in the hot seat, would you put a trash can on the sideline?"

Butch says it's all about the turnovers, "We felt we needed to hunt the ball better in turnovers and celebrate a turnover."

For the players, it's all hype.

Quarterback Quinten Dormady says, "We did it last year just for defense. They are hunting the ball and getting turnovers. It's just something for them that gets some energy and sparks the sideline."

But Butch Jones promised it's all positive, "It's never been something that was suppose to be disrespecting of the opponent. It's just something that was suppose to be a heightened awareness of the turnovers."

Vol fans are hoping it's a tradition that continues to bring winning results.

Tennessee isn't the only school with sideline props, Miami used a massive gold chain for whoever gets the turnover, and Texas A&M uses a drum major mace.

Coach Jones says we're not the only ones who use a trash can. We looked it up and Texas A&M used it once with the words "Y'all trash" on it, and so did Southern Methodist University.